🛠️  Hacking with Hamlet  👑
· What does it feel like to hold the world?
· Did you smile your work to see?
· Attention is all they need, too…
· Advent of AI
· A tree grows on my wall
· I do not know yet what that can be
· On Ben Caplan's new album
· Chekhov hunts his hares, I haunt mine
· A sea lion turns down the tide
· Living with hummingbirds
· Too perfect
· Remind me that I'm cotton wool
· Cormorant on the Charles
· Plants heard by (un)sound machines
· Padgett on graduate school guilt
· The work of a critic in peer review
· Application season and "unnatural selection"
· Children's literature about homework machines
· Shopping for old-style hats and coats
· Magic and sacrifice in generative AI
· Dear area chair, this paper has good bones
· Cyrano as chatbot assistant
· Magical realism and image labeling
· Sprat on the free and formal
· Students write themselves into America
· Perspective on the perspective
· The stinking breath of the people
· Thumbprints on the glass
· The Burghers' Quiet Truth
· On being the only thing not blooming
· Rembrandt and Wright on MIT's open campus
· Paolo stays afloat in the ocean of scholarship
· Pressing "submit" like Perseus
· Research directions and the question of straw
· Recalling Robert Frost on the Harvard Bridge
· Grad students as mariners from The Tempest
· A paper and a poem on repulsion
· Who's there?